What We Do

Our office provides all campus card services for student, faculty, and staff ID cards. If you need to ask questions or make changes to your meal plan, or add Dining Dollars2020欧洲杯苹果下载 to your card, you may do so through our office.

Lost or stolen More Cards should be reported to University Police2020欧洲杯苹果下载 in addition to our office.

Who Needs a More Card?

2020欧洲杯苹果下载 If you are a new student registering for credit courses, or a senior citizen auditor, you will need to obtain a More Card.

2020欧洲杯苹果下载 New students registering only for an online credit course are not required to obtain a More Card.

During Summer Session

If you are a new student registering for credit courses in more than one session in a given summer, the More Card processing fee is only paid once (not per session), and is included in your bill.

If you are a student registering only for noncredit courses you are not required to obtain a More Card, but are encouraged to do so.

More Cards are issued in the Parking & Card Office2020欧洲杯苹果下载 in Campus Center North. Please bring a driver’s license or other state-issued photo ID when you come in for your More Card.

Submit Your ID Photo

Picture this: submitting your ID card photo before you even come to campus so that you have the first photo you actually like on an ID.

2020欧洲杯苹果下载 For new students coming to our college, you can use the GET Mobile app or the GET website to submit your own photo.

Learn more about how to submit your photo.2020欧洲杯苹果下载

Using Your More Card

2020欧洲杯苹果下载 Your More Card allows you to use the following services: